Our main products are raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, sour cherry, blueberry, plums and all kind of fruit mixes…



  • IQF Raspberry – varieties Willamette, Meeker, Fertodi
  • Rolend – whole fruit (95%-5%),
  • Whole and broken (50%-50% to 90%-10%)
  • Crumble (standard and yoghurt quality, laser sorted)


  • IQF Blackberry – varieties Cacanska, Thornfree, Loch Ness
  • Rolend – min 95% black
  • Confiture – 80% black, 20% reddish
  • Puree and press quality


  • IQF Forest Blueberry – variety Vacc. Myrtillus
  • IQF Wild Blueberry – variety Vacc. Angustifolium
  • IQF Cultivated Blueberry – variety Vacc. Corymbosum
  • Whole fruit – laser sorted


  • IQF Strawberry – Senga Sengana, mixed varieties
  • Confiture – whole fruits, half cut
  • Calibrated 15-25, 25-35 mm, uncalibrated
  • Puree and press quality

Sour Cherry

  • IQF Sour Cherry – variety Oblacinska
  • Whole fruit – unpitted
  • Whole fruit – pitted
  • Puree and press quality



  • IQF Plums – varieties Stanley, Cacanska Rodna, Pozegaca
  • Whole fruit – with stone
  • Halves hand cut, calibrated
  • Quarters hand cut, calibrated


Fruit Mix

  • IQF Fruit Mix – various categories of fruits
  • Made from fruits of all sizes and shapes
  • Our standards fruit mixes recepies
  • Tailored to specific client request

Tropic Fruits

  • IQF Pineapple, Banana, Mango, Papaya
  • Sourced from producers worldwide
  • Quality controlled and packed in our facility
  • Rande of mono products or mixes

Smoothie Mix

  • IQF fruits and vegetables
  • No aditives, artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Our standard Smoothie recepies
  • Tailored to specific client request

Starting 2016 we exclusively pack well-established brand “First Fruit”, the whole range of premium products:

Premium brend

Our customers are various – retailers from around the world, as well as industry consumers.

Wide range of different packings and tailored service is benchmark of our business policy and that makes us trustful and reliable partner of choice for business.